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    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      SEO Brings you to the top of searches!

      With today’s customers searching more than ever for products and services online,
      it is?critical for companies to be found through search engines to build credibility and grow
      their customers. Your potential customers search for companies daily and the majority
      of searches never go past the first page.? If your site is not listed in the top search results – customers won’t find you. ?CanadaWeb Inc. wants to bring your coporate website to the top of search results so you can be found and get more clients.
      Unlock the Traffic Driving Power of Your Website

      With hundreds of millions of daily searches – are potential customers finding you??? We can help your company be at the top of your customer searches with our state of the art tools, technology and analytics to achieve effective SEO results. ?Gain an advantage by having your website listed above your competitors!



      Three of the top four sources of leads are online channels, including company Web site, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization.







      CanadaWeb Inc. provides SEO services with a combination of the following activities.

      • Blogging – WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr
      • Content writing and optimization
      • Directory submission
      • E-mail, video and mobile advertising
      • Link building
      • Organic search engine optimization
      • Pay-per-click (PPC) /Adwords – Management and Optimization
      • Podcasting / Podcasts
      • Search engine submissions
      • Search engine optimization affiliate programs integration
      • Selection of the right keywords to use
      • Social networking
      • Web usability and analytics – Google Analytics
      • Social Bookmarking – Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon


      For more information?click here:

      Joomla & WordPress Website Design?and Strategic Online Marketing
      or please call us (403) 291-9811 or (866) 291-3857

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